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JANUARY 18, 2000

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Crestline Village Water District was called to order by President Olson at 3:05 PM, on Tuesday, January 18, 2000, at the regular meeting place of said Board at its office in Crestline, California.

ROLL CALL: Present were President David Olson, Directors C. N. McGehee, William Valko and Alan Clanin. Absent was Director William Huckell. Staff members present were Manager/Secretary Norman L. Hunt, Attorney Ronald Van Blarcom, Engineer Fred Hanson, Field Supervisor Robert Jobe and Office Manager Karl Drew.  The District's office staff, consisting of Shonna Davis, Marilyn Clark and Larrie Davis, attended a portion of the Board meeting.  Jessica Aldrich from the Courier-News arrived at 3:50 PM. 

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: On a motion by Director McGehee and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 14, 1999, as submitted. 


RECOGNITION OF EMPLOYEES WITH TWENTY YEARS OF SERVICE: The Board of Directors recognized three District employees who achieved twenty years of service with the District during the past year.  The employees are Donald B. Wagner, Shonna L. Davis and Marilyn Clark.  The Board invited Shonna Davis and Marilyn Clark to the meeting and Manager Hunt presented them with certificates in recognition of their twenty years of service with the District.  Donald Wagner was unable to attend the meeting to receive his certificate. 

Director McGehee asked if the District awarded service pins or recognized years of service in any other way.  Manager Hunt reported that there was no formalized program for recognition of employee longevity.  After some discussion, Director McGehee suggested that the District might want to begin awarding service pins.  Office Manager Drew reported that 10 of the District's 16 employees have been with the District 10 or more years.  Director Olson said that it is a tribute to management that employees stay so long. 

REPORT ON MORMON SPRINGS VERTICAL WELL: Manager Hunt reported that the driller had hit water and it seems to be in significant amounts.  The initial estimate is that the well will produce between 50 and 100 GPM.  The driller struck water at about 360' and will drill about 150' deeper.  It may be necessary to do a 12" bore so that an 8" well casing can be installed.  If three-phase power is required at the well site, it will cost between $10,000 and $15,000 to have the power company install it.  It is expected that the well will be on-line in March. 

In the drilling process, foam is used to help remove the debris from the bore.  With the amount of water that has been discovered, controlling the foam that comes out of the well has become an issue.  The District has dug two pits to capture the foam and is using a pumper truck to remove the foam from the site.  The District is also investigating other methods of controlling the foam. 

NEW 1 MG CHAMOIS STORAGE FACILITY: Manager Hunt reported that the site work was completed, except for some minor debris cleanup.  It is expected that the District will award the bid for the tank construction at the March Board meeting. 

STANDBY ELECTRIC GENERATOR AND APPURTENANCES: Manager Hunt reported that the generator had been installed and the final Load Bank Test is scheduled for this coming Thursday. 

REVIEW OF DIRECTORS' COMPENSATION: The Board reviewed a memo from Office Manager Drew that suggests wording that would add clarification to Section 2.2 of the District's Administrative Code.  Attorney Van Blarcom explained the process that would need to be followed to make any changes to Directors' Compensation.  A public hearing, passage of an ordinance and a subsequent review period is required when making any changes.  The Board discussed the proposed changes and decided to make no changes to the District's policy on Directors' Compensation. 

REPORT ON YEAR 2000 READINESS: Office Manager Drew reported that no problems were experienced as a result of the change from the year 1999 to 2000.  There are a few cleanup items that need to be made on the Qantel billing computer to make dates print correctly, but there were no problems that disrupted operations. 

REVIEW SYSTEM LOSS: Field Supervisor Jobe reported that with the holidays and employee illnesses, little additional work on the system loss projects was done during the past month. 

CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – EXISTING LITIGATION; PURSUANT TO SUBDIVISION (a) OF SECTION 54956.9; GABLE vs. COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO (San Bernardino Superior Court Case No. SCV 39629): The Board entered into closed session at 4:00 PM to discuss this item.  The Board returned to open session at 4:07 PM.  No action was taken during closed session. 


DIRECTOR’S REPORT: Director McGehee asked that an item to consider rescheduling the March Board meeting be added to the agenda for next month's meeting.  He has a scheduling conflict and would like the Board to consider changing the date of the March meeting. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:20 PM.  The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15, 2000 at 3:00 PM.

Board of Directors/StaffAgendaWater RatesWater Quality ReportAvailHome

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