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MARCH 21, 2000

The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Crestline Village Water District was called to order by President Olson at 2:57 PM, on Tuesday, March 21, 2000, at the regular meeting place of said Board at its office in Crestline, California.

ROLL CALL: Present were President David Olson, Directors William Huckell, William Valko and Alan Clanin. Absent was Director C. N. McGehee. Staff members present were Manager/Secretary Norman L. Hunt, Attorney Ronald Van Blarcom, Field Supervisor Robert Jobe and Office Manager Karl Drew.  Absent was Engineer Fred Hanson.  Also present was Attorney Robert J. Gokoo

CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – EXISTING LITIGATION; PURSUANT TO SUBDIVISION (a) OF SECTION 54956.9; GABLE vs. COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO (San Bernardino Superior Court Case No. SCV 39629): The Board entered into closed session at 2:57 PM to discuss this item.  The Board returned to open session at 4:05 PM.  No action was taken during closed session. 

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: On a motion by Director Huckell and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 15, 2000, as submitted. 


PROPOSED MAINLINE REPLACEMENT SCHEDULE FOR 2000: Field Supervisor Jobe discussed with the Board the proposed mainline jobs for the coming summer.  There is 9,450' of mains currently scheduled.  The jobs on the schedule include Dart Canyon Road, Crest Forest Drive, Crestline Mountain Park to Highway 138, lines to the new Chamois Tank site and some smaller jobs.  Staff is considering proceeding with 1,280' on mains on Highway 138, instead of the 1,300' on Crest Forest Drive. 

REPORT ON MORMON SPRINGS VERTICAL WELL: Manager Hunt reported that the video log of the new well was complete and that the recommendations from the hydrogeologist about the casing size and pump depth had been received.  The old house has been removed from the property and arrangements to have 3-phase power brought to the property are being made. 

NEW 1 MG CHAMOIS STORAGE FACILITY: The Board reviewed a summary of the bids that were received on the Chamois Storage Facility.  The bids were as follows:

     Schedule I - 1 MG Tank & Appurtenances $375,695 $422,700 $428,329
     Schedule II - Pump Station Facility 87,808 112,000 104,339
       Totals $463,503 $534,700 $532,668

In the bid documents, the bidders were notified that the Board could accept any part of the bid and/or they could delete any items from the bid.  Manager Hunt reported that he felt the District could construct the items in Schedule II at a lower cost.  On a motion by Director Huckell and a second by Director Clanin, the Board unanimously awarded only Schedule I of the bid to Superior Tank for $375,695.  The District will make other arrangements for the construction of the Pump Station Facility.  Manager Hunt reported that a proposal for the painting and coating inspection, in the amount of $22,800, had been received from Jim Isom & Associates.  With the painting and coating sub-contractor that Superior Tank will use, staff is considering doing the inspection with District personnel. 

AUTHORIZATION TO OBTAIN BIDS ON NEW VEHICLES: Manager Hunt discussed with the Board the proposed purchase of two new vehicles.  These vehicles are budgeted for in this year's budget.  The District is planning on purchasing a 1 ton truck with a utility body and a 1/2 ton mid-sized pickup.  On a motion by Director Huckell and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously authorized staff to obtain bids for the proposed vehicles. 

HEALTH BENEFITS PROGRAM: Office Manager Drew reviewed with the Board the increases that have incurred in the cost of health care during the past year.  Health insurance and dental insurance premiums have increased by 12%.  With these increases, 9 of the District's 16 full time employees' insurance premiums would exceed the maximum monthly amount allowed for health benefits.  On a motion by Director Huckell and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously approved increasing the maximum amount allowed for health benefits by 12.2%, from $575 to $645 per month per employee, effective April 1, 2000. 

PRELIMINARY CASH BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2000-01: The Board reviewed the preliminary cash budget for fiscal year 2000-01.  General discussion followed.  There are no rate increases planned.  It is expected that the costs for Mainline Replacement will increase by $37,700, if the Highway 138 mainline job is done instead of the Crest Forest Drive job.  The proposed budget will be reviewed at next month's meeting. 

RESOLUTION NO. 317, AUTHORIZING APPLICATION TO THE DIRECTOR OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS FOR CONSENT TO SELF-INSURE WORKERS' COMPENSATION LIABILITIES: The Board reviewed a letter from Special Districts Workers Compensation Authority (SDWCA) requesting the District to reapply for consent to self-insure workers' compensation liabilities.  The District obtains its workers' compensation coverage through SDWCA.  Originally, SDWCA self-insured all of its member agencies, but in recent years has purchased commercial insurance for them, since the commercial insurance has been very competitive.  In preparing for the next policy year and in evaluating the best alternatives for coverage, SDWCA is asking its member agencies to reapply for consent to self-insure.  They want to be able to quickly return to being a self-insured pool, if that is the best option. 

On a motion by Director Clanin and a second by Director Valko, the Board adopted Resolution No. 317 on the following roll call vote:

           AYES:  Directors Olson, Huckell, Valko and Clanin
           NOES:  None
       ABSENT:  Director McGehee

ACWA AND ACWA-JPIA SPRING 2000 CONFERENCE: The ACWA conference will be held in Monterey from May 9 through May 12, 2000.  Director McGehee will not be able to attend the ACWA-JPIA board meeting.  Manager Hunt is the Alternate JPIA Director.  Manager Hunt would like to attend the ACWA-JPIA board meeting and some other sessions of the ACWA conference.  Director Huckell would also like to attend the ACWA conference.  On a motion by Director Clanin and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously approved the attendance of the conference by Director Huckell and Manager Hunt. 

LOCAL AGENCY FORMATION COMMISSION, SPECIAL DISTRICTS SELECTION COMMITTEE: The Special Districts Selection Committee will be meeting on Friday, April 21, 2000 to select one of the Special Districts' voting member positions on the Local Agency Formation Commission.  Only Board Presidents or a duly appointed Board member may vote for the position.  President Olson will not be able to attend the meeting.  After some discussion, on a motion by Director Clanin and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously appointed Director Huckell to attend the meeting on April 21, 2000. 

MANAGER’S REPORT: Manager Hunt reported that the Assemblies of God is purchasing the property around the new Chamois Tank site from Hector Sandino.  The property is in escrow and the parties want to close as soon as possible.  The transfer of the property for the tank site has not been completed, but the Assemblies of God are willing to honor the Water Service Agreement that was entered into by Mr. Sandino.  The District is in the process of preparing an agreement that will assign the rights and responsibilities of Mr. Sandino to the Assemblies of God. 


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:12 PM.  The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 18, 2000 at 3:00 PM.

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