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Board Meeting Minutes 

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September 19, 2000


The Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Crestline Village Water District was called to order by President Olson at 3:00 PM, on Tuesday, September 19, 2000, at the regular meeting place of said Board at its office in Crestline, California.


ROLL CALL: Present were President David Olson, Directors William Huckell, C. N. McGehee, William Valko and Alan Clanin.  Staff members present were Manager/Secretary Norman L. Hunt, Attorney Ronald Van Blarcom, Engineer Fred Hanson, Field Supervisor Robert Jobe and Office Manager Karl Drew.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: On a motion by Director McGehee and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 15, 2000 as corrected.




PUBLIC HEARING - FIXING COMPENSATION LEVELS FOR DISTRICT DIRECTORS: President Olson opened the public hearing at 3:05 PM.  There were no members of the public present at the meeting.  Office Manager Drew reported that notices had been published in the local paper and no comments had been received in the office.  The public hearing was closed at 3:06 PM.


ORDINANCE NO. 34, FIXING COMPENSATION LEVELS FOR DISTRICT DIRECTORS: The Board discussed the proposed ordinance.  The ordinance does not change the amount that the directors receive as compensation, but clarifies and formalizes previous Board actions.  Current state law requires that directors' compensation be set by ordinance.  The directors will continue to receive compensation in the amount of $100 for each day of meetings or events that they attend on behalf of the District, with a maximum of 6 days of compensation during any calendar month.


This ordinance will become effective 60 days from the date of its final passage provided that a petition protesting against the adoption of this ordinance, completed in accordance with the provisions of California Water Code Section 20205, has not been presented to the Board of Directors before the effective date.


On a motion by Director McGehee and a second by Director Clanin, the Board adopted Ordinance No. 34, fixing compensation levels for District directors, on the following roll call vote:


                     AYES:  Directors Olson, McGehee, Huckell, Valko and Clanin

                     NOES:  None

                 ABSENT:  None

            ABSTAINED:  None


Office Manager Drew briefly discussed with the Board when the directors will receive their paychecks, since the Internal Revenue Service has notified the District that Board members are considered employees of the District rather than independent contractors.  Office Manager Drew suggested that the directors' pay be processed on the next regular payday.  The District pays its employees every two weeks on Tuesdays.  Board members would receive their paychecks 1 to two weeks after the Board meeting, depending on when the Board meeting was during the month.  The Board agreed with this suggestion.


CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL PROGRAM: Office Manager Drew reported that the District had not heard from Mr. Walden since the last Board meeting.  After the last meeting, a letter had been sent to Mr. Walden requesting that any information that he wanted the Board to review, be submitted in a timely manner, so that the Board has time to review his information.  It was also reported that the State Contractors License that Mr. Walden operates his business under has been expired for about one year.  This license was for the installation and maintenance of backflow prevention devices.  That does not include the testing or certification of these devices.


The Board reviewed a rough draft of a proposed ordinance that would clarify the District's existing Cross Connection Control Program.  The proposed ordinance is based on a sample ordinance that is included as part of the "Guidance Manual for Cross Connection Control Programs" that was provided to the District by the State Department of Health Services.  Section VII of the proposed ordinance addresses the certifying of backflow prevention device testers by the District.  In a conversation that Office Manager Drew had with Kalyanpur Baliga, the Senior Sanitary Engineer of the San Bernardino Field Operations Branch of the Department of Health Services, Mr. Baliga reaffirmed the District's right to select which testers are put on the District's "approved" list of Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers.


Staff is in the process of gathering comments on the proposed ordinance and will present another draft at next month's meeting.  General discussion about the proposed ordinance followed.  Among the items discussed was whether the District wanted to ask for comments on the proposed ordinance from existing approved testers, and whether the District would test customer devices at the request of the customer.


REPORT ON MORMON SPRINGS VERTICAL WELL: Manager Hunt reported that well is completed and the source assessment, except for some final test results, is ready to be submitted to the State Department of Health Services (DHS).  DHS may require the District to install a treatment process to remove radioactivity, depending on what the final test results are.


REPORT ON NEW 1 MG CHAMOIS STORAGE FACILITY: Manager Hunt reported that the tank coating is taking longer than expected and should be done about the first week of October.  The interior coating, except for the floor, should be completed in the next one or two days.  The contractor has completed a majority of the onsite piping.


The District received two additional bids for the construction of the pump house.  A local contractor had a slightly lower bid price than a contractor from Morongo Valley, but the local contractor withdrew his bid when he discovered what documents and bonds he had to provide the District.  The contractor from Morongo Valley, who has done work for other public agencies, should begin work soon.


Manager Hunt has made arrangements with Southern California Edison to have electricity brought to the site.  The charges for this are over $13,000.


2000 MAIN REPLACEMENT JOBS - HIGHWAY 138: Field Supervisor Jobe reported on the work progress on Highway 138.  This is the toughest job that the District has done.  In addition to working on a state highway, the ground is very rocky.  All the mainline and hydrants are installed.  There is one service line left to install.  The District has had to purchase a special rock drill bit so that a hole can be drilled through solid rock for the installation of the last service line.  Final paving is scheduled for September 28, 2000.


The Board also reviewed a job cost summary for jobs in progress and completed this year.  The cost for the Highway 138 job is expected to be around $70 to $80 per foot.  The job on Moritz Court was about $61 per foot.  That job was 240' and in an area where there was limited space for the main and service lines.  The other jobs completed are within the expected costs of around $30 per foot or less.  The District will attempt to complete Matterhorn Court after Highway 138 is completed and will postpone Wald Court until next year.


PROGRESS REPORT ON FUTURE WELL SITES: Manager Hunt reviewed a map showing the location of the proposed well site with the Board.  He has discussed with the property owner the possibility of drilling a test well on the property, with an option of the District purchasing the land if the test well seems productive.  The owner seems to be cooperative and willing to discuss the possibilities with the District.


CLAIM FOR DAMAGES TO VEHICLE, LEWIS THOMPSON, 901 MORITZ COURT: The Board reviewed a claim submitted by Mr. Thompson, for damage to the windshield of his truck.  The claim is insufficient since it does not include the amount of damages.  On a motion by Director Huckell and a second by Director Clanin, the Board unanimously instructed Attorney Van Blarcom to send a letter of insufficiency according to ACWA-JPIA guidelines.


DISPOSAL OF OBSOLETE COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: The Board reviewed a memo regarding the disposal of obsolete computer equipment.  The memo includes a list of old computer equipment that the District has accumulated over the past 15 years.  There are no state regulations regarding the disposal of surplus personal property, but staff asked the Board for authorization to dispose of this equipment.  After some discussion, on a motion by Director Clanin and a second by Director McGehee, the Board unanimously authorized staff to dispose of the obsolete computer equipment.




DIRECTORíS REPORT: Director McGehee reported that the next ACWA-JPIA is in November 2000 and he would be attending it as the JPIA Director.


As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:27 PM.  The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 24, 2000 at 3:00 PM.


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