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Board Meeting Minutes 

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NOVEMBER 14, 2000


President Olson called the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of Crestline Village Water District to order at 3:00 PM, on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, at the regular meeting place of said Board at its office in Crestline, California.


ROLL CALL: Present were President David Olson, Directors William Huckell, C. N. McGehee, William Valko and Alan Clanin.  Staff members present were Manager/Secretary Norman L. Hunt, Attorney Ronald Van Blarcom, Engineer Fred Hanson, Field Supervisor Robert Jobe, System Supervisor Donald Wagner and Office Manager Karl Drew.  System Supervisor Wagner arrived at 3:50 PM.


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: On a motion by Director McGehee and a second by Director Valko, the Board unanimously approved the minutes of the Regular Meeting of October 24, 2000 as submitted.




CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL PROGRAM: Office Manager Drew reported that there was nothing new to report on this item.  Work is proceeding on the proposed ordinance.


PROGRESS REPORT ON FUTURE WELL SITES: Manager Hunt reported that he has talked with Jim Huskey, the local realtor that the property owner has asked the District to work with.  Mr. Huskey indicated that the property owner has had some family situations to deal with and has not further considered the selling of the proposed well site.  President Olson suggested that the District send a letter directly to the property owner, with a copy to be sent to Mr. Huskey, in an attempt to encourage him to consider this matter soon.


REPORT ON NEW 1 MG CHAMOIS STORAGE FACILITY: Manager Hunt reported that the site has been fenced.  Construction has begun on the pump station building and it should be enclosed by next Friday, November 17, 2000.  The building is approximately 16' x 24'.


2000 MAIN REPLACEMENT JOBS - HIGHWAY 138: Manager Hunt reviewed with the Board the final costs for the Highway 138 job.  The final cost was approximately $112 per lineal foot.  There was general discussion regarding the various costs associated with this job.


URBAN WATER MANAGEMENT PLAN UPDATE: Attorney Van Blarcom discussed with the Board the requirement that the District update its Urban Water Management Plan every five years.  The updates are to be done in years ending in 5 or 0.  The update is due at the end of 2000.  The District will be requesting a 90 day extension to complete it.  Only portions of the Plan need to be updated.


ACWA/JPIA AND ACWA CONFERENCE, NOVEMBER 6 - 10, 2000, ANAHIEM, CA: Director McGehee reviewed with the rest of the Board a written report that he had prepared about the seminars and meeting that he had attended at the ACWA/JPIA conference on November 6 and 7, 2000.


One of the seminars that he attended was called "Would You Settle?".  One of the scenarios that was used for this seminar was the situation that occurred as a result of the retaining wall failure and subsequent water main failure on Hillside Drive.  Another seminar the he attended was called "Emergency! Don't Wait to Prepare".  He felt that the District should review its emergency preparedness program to insure that it is prepared to handle various emergencies.


Manager Hunt reported on the Pavement Restoration Task Force meeting that he attended during the ACWA conference.  At the meeting, various cases and lawsuits were discussed.  Most of the problems encountered by water districts, seem to be with city fees and permits for road cuts and trenches.


REPORT ON MORMON SPRINGS VERTICAL WELL: System Supervisor Wagner discussed with the Board various tests that are required for water wells.  The test for synthetic organic compounds (SOC) that needed to be done for the new Mormon Springs well was overlooked and needs to be completed before the State Health Department will allow the well to be put into service.  This test costs about $2,200.  The water samples for this test were submitted to the laboratory on October 21, 2000 and the results of the test should be received in another 7 to 10 days.  This same test is also due on all of the District's other wells.


Manager Hunt reported that the original test well that was drilled on this property, as well as the vertical test well that was drilled at the Horst well site, needs to be properly abandoned before the new Mormon Springs well can be put on line.


MANAGERíS REPORT: Manager Hunt reported that the County of San Bernardino was replacing a retaining wall on Old Mill Road.  This wall was similar in construction to the wall that failed on Hillside Drive and was being replaced because of the concern about its possible failure.  The County is using large interlocking concrete blocks to replace this wall.  When the old wall was removed, it became apparent that some of the cables and steel rails used in its construction had failed.


Manager Hunt discussed with the Board a possible opportunity to purchase 1.98 acres of land that is adjacent to the Old Mill well site.  The District has a group of 15 horizontal wells at this site.  The District's road to the well site crosses a portion of the 1.98 acres.  The property owners are interested in selling the property and have been asking the District to formalize the easement for the road.  The owners were asking $50,000 for the property, but a real estate agent that is representing the owners, called Manager Hunt today and during their conversation, the agent said that the owners had lowered the price to $39,000 and it was possible that they would accept $25,000 for the 1.98 acres.  It is a possibility that one of the horizontal wells at the Old Mill Well site may extend under this property.


After some discussion, the Board instructed Manager Hunt to investigate the water potential of this property and, if necessary, to make an offer for the property, that is subject to final approval by the Board of Directors.


The Board briefly discussed the Water System Loss Report.  Manager Hunt briefly discussed with the Board a radio meter reading system that he saw at the ACWA conference.  It is estimated that the Firefly meter reading system would cost the District about $400,000, while it would cost about $800,000 for the Sensus radio meter reading system.  The Firefly system can also store meter read information for user defined intervals between the normal meter reading dates.




As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:12 PM.  The next Regular Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 12, 2000 at 3:00 PM.

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