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Getting Ready for
Winter Weather

The winter months are here and the threat of freezing temperatures will increase the possibility of frozen and broken water lines at your premises.  If this occurs, it can mean, at the very least, an interruption of your water service, and if a water line breaks, it could cause damage to your house and property, wasted water, and a very expensive water bill.  If the District is required to make a service call, you may incur a service charge.  To help prevent problems this winter, we suggest the following measures:

WHAT IF IT'S TOO LATE? What if you wake up one day to find the pipes are frozen anyway?  During an extended cold spell, it could happen despite precautions. It is the responsibility of each property owner and resident to protect their premises from freezing weather and to maintain the water lines on their property.  We recommend that the water lines, hot water heater and fixtures be inspected on a regular basis and that the water be turned off at your shut-off valve any time that you are gone from the property for an extended period of time at any time during the year.  If you do have a water emergency, please call the Water District for assistance at 338-1727.  We hope that our suggestions will help you avoid expensive repairs, a high water bill, and a service call charge.

Crestline Village Water District
PO Box 3347, 777 Cottonwood Drive
Crestline, CA 92325-3347

(909) 338-1727     FAX: (909) 338-4080
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